Say Goodbye to Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles

You take good care of your skin, but how can you address your fine facial lines and wrinkles? At North County Dermatology Center in Encinitas, CA, Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Margaret Hobson Dupree, and Dr. Erin Storie offer BOTOX Cosmetic, an aesthetic injectable which rejuvenates facial appearance quickly and easily. Watch for amazing results.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a medical-grade form of the botulism toxin. Safely injected by your skin doctor into selected facial muscles, BOTOX limits dynamic wrinkles, the lines which form when you smile, frown or laugh. Typically, these lines form across the forehead, between the brows, at the corners of the eyes and between the nose and mouth. Over time, they deepen and increase in number.

Who can get BOTOX?

Many healthy people take advantage of the many benefits BOTOX offers. In fact, it's one of the more popular skin treatments North County Dermatology Center offers Encinitas area patients. And, because your board-certified dermatologist determines if BOTOX is right for you and your skin goals, you're assured of optimal results and safety.

How BOTOX Works

First, your skin doctor will examine you and review your medical history and aesthetic concerns. Then, they will present your skin treatment options. If BOTOX Cosmetic is your choice, you'll receive that quick, comfortable service in our Encinitas office.

The dermatologist uses an ultra-fine needle to place BOTOX in strategic points in your skin. You'll see an immediate improvement in the look of lines and wrinkles and enjoy optimal results in about five days.

With BOTOX, there is no downtime, but you may experience limited redness, tenderness, bruising or other localized effects. Your smooth, renewed appearance should last several months. You'll return to North County Dermatology Center for touch-ups as needed according to your customized plan.

Enjoy a line-free look

BOTOX Cosmetic has delivered wonderful facial rejuvenation for almost two decades with full FDA approval. The American College of Plastic Surgeons reports that BOTOX has gained in popularity by almost 800 percent since 2016.

To learn more about this outstanding service, contact our expert dermatologists, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Hobson Dupree and Dr. Storie at North County Dermatology Center in Encinitas: (760) 230-2805.

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