Developing A Good Skin Care Routine

What skin care routine suits your needs? At North County Dermatology Center in Encinitas, CA, our providers recommend regular skin treatments which begin each morning and yield healthy, clean skin every day. Drs. Thomas, Dupree, and Storie want you to avoid mistakes and achieve wonderful outcomes. You can!

It starts in the morning

Washing your face is simple and worthwhile when you do it properly. Cleanse your face gently--never scrub--with a non-drying cleanser. Repeat this again in the evening just before bedtime and whenever you sweat excessively (after a gym workout, for instance).

To remove accumulated dead skin cells, choose a quality exfoliant. Leave it on for the duration of your day. With consistent use, you'll see your skin tone even and brighten.

Then, add a layer of SPF 30 sunscreen. UV radiation causes premature wrinkling and mottled pigmentation. Additionally, the Skin Cancer Foundation says that sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer. Re-apply sunscreen every two hours or more often if you sweat or go into the pool.

Before bedtime

First, remove any make-up. As previously stated, gently cleanse your face. Pat your face dry. Never rub hard as this only irritates your skin. Then, use a leave-on moisturizer. People with very dry skin benefit from a thicker, creamier product. People who have oily skin need a lighter weight product.

Other home skin treatments

Your skin care team at North County Dermatology Center in Encinitas advises you test a small patch of your skin whenever you try a new product such as an exfoliant or dark spot remover. Watch for redness, itching or puffiness, and discontinue use if these occur.

Additionally, youthful, glowing skin benefits from:

  • A nutritious diet high in fiber and low in sugars and fats
  • Daily hydration--in other words, drink plenty of water every day
  • A tobacco-free lifestyle (cigarettes pose a cancer risk and prematurely age the skin)
  • Clean hair (keep it off your face to avoid acne breakouts)
  • Fresh bed and bath linens

It's your skin

Keep it at its very best with simple at-home techniques. Call North County Dermatology Center for more help and to arrange your annual skin cancer check-up if you're 40 or older. Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Margaret Hobson Dupree and Dr. Erin Storie provide skin treatments and evaluations for patients of all ages in the Encinitas, CA, area. Call (760) 230-2805.

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