Why See a Dermatologist for Skin Treatments

Is it time for you to seek proper medical attention from a qualified dermatologist?

Encinitas, CA, dermatologists Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Margaret Dupree and Dr. Erin Storie offer a wide range of skin treatments to address everything from fine lines and wrinkles to psoriasis and acne. Wondering if it’s time to turn to a dermatologist for treatment? It might be if,

Your home care isn’t working

While certain issues such as mild acne or a rash can often be treated with simple home care, if your symptoms aren’t responding to different lifestyle changes or over-the-counter treatments then it’s probably time to sit down with your Encinitas, CA, dermatologist to discuss more effective skin treatment options.

Your symptoms could be caused by something else

Many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis may mimic each other so if you are dealing with red, scaly, itchy patches of skin you may want to see a medical professional for a proper diagnosis. After all, different skin conditions require different treatments so it’s important that you have a definitive diagnosis before you start trying to treat a problem on your own.

You notice a suspicious mole

Whether you are at high risk for skin cancer or not, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your moles so you can spot for any changes that could be early signs of cancer. A cancerous mole will change color, shape or size, or may crust over, bleed or even resemble a scar. Even if your moles look fine, it doesn’t hurt to see your dermatologist once a year for a skin cancer screening.

Your skin problem is affecting your confidence and quality of life 

We know that many chronic skin problems like psoriasis or acne can make someone feel self-conscious about their appearance. If you find yourself avoiding social engagements and feeling embarrassed by your appearance, then it’s time to sit down with a dermatologist who can help you find the right treatment options.

If you want to discuss the different skin treatment options we offer here at our Encinitas, CA, practice then call North County Dermatology Center at (760) 230-2805.

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