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Different Treatments for Acne

Discover the many remedies and treatment options to control acne symptoms. 

Acne is one of the most common problems that bring patients in to visit our Encinitas, CA, dermatologists Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Margaret Dupree, and Dr. Erin Storie for treatment. While we often assume that breakouts are just for those tough teen years, the truth is that anyone, from young children to older adults, can deal with acne. Here are some ways to get your acne under control.

First, Find out What’s Causing Your Acne

In order to effectively treat your acne, you first need to know what’s causing it. Do you find that your acne only flare-ups around your period? If so, your acne could be hormonal. Do you deal with deep, cystic acne that is painful to the touch? If so, this is usually caused by bacteria. This is something to discuss with our Encinitas, CA, dermatologists so we can find the most effective treatment options. Here’s how our dermatologists may tackle your acne,

  • For acne caused by inflammation or clogged pores, your doctor may recommend products containing salicylic acid
  • Acne caused by the P. acnes bacteria can be killed through products containing benzoyl peroxide
  • Retinoids can be powerful ingredients for removing excess oil and unclogging pores
  • Birth control pills can help manage breakouts that are hormonal

Give Acne Treatment Time 

We all wish there was some magical acne treatment that would give you results overnight. Unfortunately, there isn’t one yet, but it’s incredibly important that you don’t just toss a new acne product in the trash after only using it for a few days. It can take any acne product anywhere from 4-6 weeks to show full results. When it comes to finding the right acne treatments, patience is key.

Use All Medication Exactly as Directed 

It’s important that any medication or treatments that our dermatologists have given you are used properly. This is the only way they will be effective. If you aren’t sure about how to use a product or medication be sure to ask us. Remember, any kind of topical acne treatments should be applied to the whole face or body, not just on the acne themselves. These products are designed to not only treat current breakouts but also prevent new ones from forming.

Don’t let acne affect your appearance and self-esteem. Our Encinitas, CA, dermatologists can help you get clearer skin. Call North County Dermatology Center today at (760) 230-2805.

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